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What can I expect from a massage? 
You can expect to have your massage in a safe, relaxing environment. You can expect to feel peaceful, totally relaxed and calm afterwards. You can expect to be listened to – you are the one who knows your body. We cannot "fix” you, since you are not broken. We can assist your body in finding its way to optimal health through stress-relief and relaxation. We view our clients as whole, and hold that vision for them. 

What happens during a session? 
You’ll start the session by filling out some confidential paperwork, and we will discuss your goals, even if it is just to relax and de-stress. You will then be left alone in the massage room to undress to your level of comfort. You’ll get on the massage table, where you will cover yourself up with the sheet and blankets. The therapists don't enter the room until you tell them that you are ready. There is music playing in the background, unless you prefer silence. When the massage is done, we leave the room for you to re-dress in private. 

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session? 
It helps to be well hydrated, so be sure to drink plenty of fluids the day of your massage.

Is it OK to talk during my session? 
That is totally up to you. The massage therapist will occasionally ask a few questions, pertaining to your comfort level, and how you are feeling. We have learned that some people relax by talking while others prefer to have their massage in silence. It’s your massage – you get to decide if you want to talk or not. Often times, people will start out talking, then "drift away” as the massage proceeds. Whatever helps you to relax the most is best. 

How often should I get a massage? 
That really depends on what your goals are. We recommend getting a massage at least once a month, as the effects are cumulative. A few of our clients come in once a week, most of them come in every other week, some every 3 weeks, and some once a month. All of them recognize the importance of self-care, and the health benefits that they enjoy from receiving massage on a regular basis. 

Should I refer my friends and family? 
Yes, referrals are an important part of our business. We appreciate the trust you put in us, and promise to take care of your friends and family as well as we take care of you. For every new client you refer to us, you will get a 20% discount with your next massage appointment.