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Winter Pause Ritual PROMO

A relaxing and soothing treatment blending our most popular Pause Relax massage with Scalp Pressure Point Therapy to loosen and revive the overworked muscles of the scalp and neck to help stimulate circulation and tranquility. Treatment is infused with our organic blends of winter essential oils - choose between relieving Candy Cane or refreshing Holiday Wreath! Herbal heat packs are also incorporated for a truly indulgent experience!

80-min: $135 (reg $160)   BOOK NOW

Signature Massage

Unwind | A relaxing treatment that blends the most effective aspects of aromatherapy, reflexology, and Combo massage techniques. Throughout the treatment heated pillows and towels are incorporated.

50-min: $115   BOOK NOW

80-min: $155   BOOK NOW

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage

A full body, muscular massage using medium to deep pressure to massage the entire body. The warmth of the stones helps in achieving a greater sense of relaxation. Special techniques are used in this routine to softly release muscles that typically get tight, sore or compromised.

50-min: $99  BOOK NOW

80-min: $139  BOOK NOW

Couples massage

Indulge | Side-by-side massage for two. Great for couples or friends who would like to indulge in self-care together.

50-min: $199   BOOK NOW

80-min: $270   BOOK NOW



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