Our Most Popular Massages

Not all massages are created equal and here at Pause Massage, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your therapeutic goals - whether it is relaxation or recovery from pain.

Couples massage

Side-by-side massage for two. Great for couples or friends who would like to indulge in self-care together.

50min - $180   BOOK NOW

80min - $240   BOOK NOW

Acu-Stretch Massage

No need to get naked massage - a combination of Accupressure, Thai Yoga Massage and modern Active-Assisted Stretching Techniques to decrease muscle tension, increase flexibility and improve range of motion in the joints and muscles. This is done fully clothed and involves client feedback and interaction. Perfect for those who are active and wish to prevent injury, as well as those who lead a more sedentary lifestyle and desire better posture, decreased pain, and freer movement. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

50-min: $75 (reg $100)   BOOK NOW

80-min: $103 (reg $140)   BOOK NOW

Deep Tissue Massage

Aims at a deeper level of the muscle tissue and is focused on specific areas of pain and tension.

50min - $85   BOOK NOW

80min - $115   BOOK NOW

Combo Massage

Combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. Medium to Strong pressure.

50min - $75   BOOK NOW

80min - $105   BOOK NOW

110min - $150   CALL TO BOOK

Swedish Massage

This classic, light pressure relaxing style will promote better sleep, reduce anxiety, and create an overall sense of well-being.

50min - $65   BOOK NOW

80min - $95   BOOK NOW

110min - $130   CALL TO BOOK

Signature Massage

A relaxing treatment that blends the most effective aspects of aromatherapy, reflexology, and Combo massage techniques. Throughout the treatment heated pillows and towels are incorporated.

50min - $100   BOOK NOW

80min - $140   BOOK NOW

110min - $200   CALL TO BOOK

Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage

A full body, muscular massage using medium to deep pressure to massage the entire body. The warmth of the stones helps in achieving a greater sense of relaxation.

50-min: $83 (reg $110)   BOOK NOW

80-min: $123 (reg $150)   BOOK NOW

110-min: $166 (reg $220)   CALL TO BOOK

Prenatal Massage

A specific light and medium pressure massage, along with a variety of massage techniques to address the needs of the expecting mother.

50min - $75   BOOK NOW

80min - $105   BOOK NOW

Hot Stone

A specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones as an extension of their own hands, or by placing them on the body. The heat can be both deeply relaxing and help warm up tight muscles so the therapist can work more deeply, more quickly

50min - $85   BOOK NOW

80min - $115   BOOK NOW

110min - $170   CALL TO BOOK

Enhance your massage session

Those are available as add-ons that you can choose in-house before massage. Each is $10.

Herbal heat therapy

Heat packs used on neck and back during treatment. BENEFITS: Increased relaxation. Decreased muscle tension. Relief from stress and anxiety.


Thoughtfully blended essential oils. BENEFITS: Heightened sensorial experience. Enriches skin health. Strengthens emotional connections.

Muscle recovery balm

Cooling menthol targets sore or tight muscles. BENEFITS: Greater mobility. Reduces soreness. Amplifies therapeutic experience.

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